Organ Appeal

Patron: Sir David Willcocks CBE MC

The beautiful Newquay Parish Church of St Michael the Archangel, the Cathedral of the North Coast, was consecrated in 1911 and over the last 100 years has become known for its strong liturgy, fine choral tradition and marvellous organs.  Unfortunately the fine 1960’s Nicholson pipe organ was lost in the devastating fire of 1993.  After a few years the church was returned to its former glory and, with your help, we now have the chance to return a pipe organ of quality to St Michael’s.

An idea of what the new organ may look like in place at St Michael’s

Sir David Willcocks

My family has a long association with St Michael’s Church, as my father, who was the manager of Barclays Bank in Newquay, was Treasurer of the Church Building Fund. My two elder brothers and I attended services with our parents throughout our childhood and it was in St Michael’s that I had my first introduction to organ music. Though I have not lived in Newquay as an adult, for many years I brought my own family to Newquay for holidays. I am delighted that the church is taking this opportunity to install a fine organ in place of the one destroyed by fire.

The Rev’d Canon Michael Adams
Vicar of St Michael’s

Together with the Churchwardens and the Parochial Church Council I thank all those who are supporting our Organ Appeal. Under the patronage of Sir David Willcocks, the appeal has gained the support of The Prince of Wales in his capacity as Duke of Cornwall, as well as from other eminent individuals who have connections with Cornwall, Newquay, or the world of Pipe Organs. But this appeal does not only have resonance with such dignitaries. Apart from the many concerts and recitals in which the former organs of St Michael’s were featured, music plays a major part in the development of spirituality, and the distinctive sound of a pipe organ is part of the ambience of the Anglican Church. Please do all you can to support our appeal, and ensure that the historic instruments we are bringing together are not lost to posterity.

The Rt Rev’d Tim Thornton
Bishop of Truro

I am very happy to support this appeal and wish all involved well. I always enjoy my visits to St Michael’s and I know from them how important music is within the life of the church. The organ at St Michael’s plays a crucial role in enabling excellent worship and the life of the church to continue to blossom and grow. My prayers will be with you as this appeal moves forward and I do hope you are successful in your endeavours.

Lance Foy, Organ Builder

My family and I are delighted to be involved in this exciting project.

Jonathan Mann
Diocesan Organ Advisor

St Michael’s Church, Newquay has a long history of musical excellence, and was served by a very fine Nicholson pipe organ for many years, until the disastrous fire which destroyed much of the church and the organ, depriving Newquay and Cornwall of an instrument of distinction.The church now has the opportunity to provide a worthy successor to the previous pipe organ, by rescuing and using the fine Hele instrument from St Paul’s Church in Truro, supplemented by the former Wesleyan Church organ in Newquay.

The end result should provide a very fine and versatile instrument, suited well to the musical needs of the church. St Michael’s church is to be commended for having the vision to create such an investment in the future of the church’s music traditions, and I would encourage anyone who values church music, and the organ as an instrument, to give as generously as possible to this appeal.

Martin Palmer
Organist at St Michael’s


With this exciting project we are endeavouring to return to St Michael’s a pipe organ of real distinction. We are lucky to have been gifted two wonderful, historical, Cornish pipe organs from our own diocese. The first from St Pauls Church, Truro was designed and built by Hele of Plymouth in 1860, the second, from a mere stone’s throw away, is a fine, mixed heritage instrument from Newquay’s Wesleyan Methodist Church (now Newquay Christian Centre). The Hele Organ, with very few tonal changes, will form the heart of the new instrument, whilst the Wesleyan instrument will provide us with some very fine reeds stops, some exquisite oak casework and the electric action. The new instrument will be playable from the present electronic organ’s modern console.Such an instrument will be required to lead large congregations, accompany musically sophisticated choral and instrumental music for services and concerts, and be able to play organ repertoire from all musical periods. In addition, we hope to inspire young organists of the future and once again attract visiting professional musicians of the highest calibre to perform at St Michael’s.

We are grateful for the help and donations from the following individuals, organisations and trusts:

  • A.N. Willis
  • Leopold de Rothschild Charitable Trust
  • I.L. Boreham (in memory of Wendy Boreham)
  • David Willcocks Music Trust
  • W.J. Willcocks
  • T.H. Willcocks
  • Lady R. Willcocks
  • P.J.H. Lambshead
  • The Duke of Cornwall’s Benevolent Fund
  • Sir John Margetson
  • Truro Choral Society
  • Newquay Rowing Club
  • The Ouseley Trust
  • J. Osborne
  • E. Sloan (in memory of Jean & Betty Irvine)
  • Newquay Choral Society
  • All those who have given donations at retiring collections at concerts