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  1. I sang in the choir when I was in my early teens. I remember Canon Peeke so well infact he married us at St Matthews when I was 21. I am now 65 and remarried to a deacon in the Anglican Church (ANIC) and have been organist/pianist at St Matthews for 15 years. The last time I visited St Michaels was 12 years ago when Denis Osborne, a long time family friend, allowed me to play the new organ.
    We are hoping to visit the UK in May of next year and also to worship with you.
    Silvia Gardner (nee Sargent)

  2. ISorry I meant to say married us at St Michaels

  3. Sue Stone says:

    It may be my poor IT skills but I can’t seem to find your postcode on your website. As a new resident in Cornwall, I find I can’t do without my sat nav to find my way around.

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